2013 Voting Panel

David Snell

(Voting Panel Chairman)

Stuart Andrews


Peter Ashworth

Charles Stanley Securities

Andrew Banks

JM Finn

Sam Barton

Close Asset Management

Graham Bell

Allenby Capital

Andrew Buchanan

Octopus Asset Management

Elena Clarici

Meridian Equity Partners

Martin Eales

RBC Capital Markets

Chris Fielding

WH Ireland

Robert Finlay

Westhouse Securities

Arun George

Edison Investment Research

Judith MacKenzie

Downing LLP

Fraser Mackersie

Unicorn Asset Management

Laurence Marsh

Winterflood Securities

Robert Mitchell


Brough Ransom

Nomura Code Securities

Ian Restall

Flathill Communications Group plc

David Worlidge

Sanlam Securities

Specialist presentations

Specialist presentations were made to the Voting Panel by...

Person 1

Company 1


Person 2

Company 2


Person 3

Company 3