In recent years, the AIM Awards Dinner has held a Charity Collection, principally for the benefit of child-focused charities. To all those who have made donations, thank you so much for your generosity – the charities concerned are all extremely grateful.

2017 Charity collection 

We are delighted to announce that a total of £17,240 was raised at the AIM Awards 2017 for its supported charities, BCCS and WellChild.

 Supported charities 

The charities supported in 2017 were:


bccs provides a caring, professional response to the child in need, irrespective of their background, race or religion; it aims always to uphold the rights of the child and to ensure that the protection and welfare of the child is paramount. The charity gladly embraces children of all religions, and of none. From very small beginnings 30 years ago, today bccs works throughout the whole of the county of Essex and five East London Boroughs. bccs receives no national or local statutory funding of any kind. Its proud boast is that it raises its own finance with the unstinting help of supporters and benefactors.

Its service is best summed up as: “get there and support the child as soon as it’s needed – stay there as long as it takes”.

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WellChild is the national charity for sick children. The charity is working to ensure that seriously ill children and young people have the best possible quality of life through its innovative programmes of Care, Support and Research. The network of WellChild children’s nurses, medical researchers and Helping Hands teams are all dedicated to providing crucial support for children and young people – regardless of their condition – many of whom require long‑term and complex care.

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