The AIM Awards look at how companies and individuals harness AIM to power their growth and fulfil their strategy.

AIM is one of the most important platforms to help smaller and growing companies raise the capital they need for expansion. The AIM Awards scrutinises recent joiners and more established companies, as well as the advisers and commentators, to identify the stars of the last twelve months across ten categories.

The Awards cover the period 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020.

Best Investor Communication Award

Sponsored by | Capital Access Group/Research Tree

Good shareholder and investor communications are about more than just a well-produced Annual Report and website, although there is no disputing the importance of these within a company’s IR programme. They are also about maintaining open and clear conversations with all shareholders, effectively communicating bad and unexpected news as well as the good. The winning company will have demonstrated honest, accurate and consistent communication with all levels of shareholders and potential shareholders. Having adapted to life as a public company, the winner will have engaged effectively with new shareholders, promoting the company to professional and private investor audiences using all available channels, including social media.

Best Performing Share Award

Sponsored by | Zeus Capital

The period covered by this award (and indeed by all the other awards presented tonight) is from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020.

The Best Performing Share Award is a factual award, based on share price performance over the period*; however, in addition to pure share price performance, the Voting Panel took the view that an allowance must be made for adequate liquidity in the day‑to‑day trading of the company’s shares. Thus, the additional criterion for this award is that the winner must have a minimum of 25% of its issued share capital in public hands. For the purposes of this award, public is defined as not connected with 5% shareholders, the Directors, family or others acting in concert. The Best Performing Share Award, being a factual award, was not deliberated upon by the Voting Panel.

* Cash shells are excluded, as are those companies that have undergone significant financial engineering.

Best Use of AIM Award

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The winner of this award will be a company that regards its arrival on AIM as the beginning of a journey rather than a destination in itself. The winning company will have a clear growth strategy in place and will have demonstrated successful implementation of that strategy.

Best Technology Award

Sponsored by | Cenkos

The winner of this award will be a company that reflects the innovation and entrepreneurial skills that are the cornerstone of the AIM culture. The technology concerned does not have to be proven commercially. Obviously, this is potentially a high risk award, given the innovative nature of the subject matter, and the Voting Panel will be aware of, and make allowances for, this fact.

AIM Transaction of the Year Award

Sponsored by | Shore Capital

The winner of this award will be a company that has been transformed by a single financial or commercial transaction during the period under review. This is necessarily a wide-ranging award, given to recognise a significant achievement by a company in transforming itself, literally at a stroke, and thereby creating significant shareholder value.

AIM Corporate Governance Award

Sponsored by | One Advisory

Good governance is more than just ticking the boxes, it is about building and nurturing a healthy culture, ensuring engagement with investors, customers and the workforce and maintaining key governance virtues such as evaluation, audit and risk, independence, diversity and strong succession planning. The winning company will apply the principles of their chosen governance code in a way that shareholders can evaluate. They will go beyond ‘box ticking’ and demonstrate the actions the board has taken in the year and how these link to the business strategy and purpose. Communication on how the board fulfils its role in cascading the tone from the top throughout the organisation and how it employs social and environmental governance through engagement with wider stakeholders will be critical to success in this award category. 

AIM Growth Business of the Year Award

Sponsored by | BGF

The winner of this award will be registered and headquartered in the UK. It will have achieved exceptional, consistent growth in turnover and profitability for at least the past three years. This growth will have been achieved through market disruption, and clear innovation in product or service, backed up by a sustainable growth strategy which has been implemented by a high quality management team.

Innovative Fundraising of the Year Award


Throughout its 25-year history, AIM has continued to be a platform where innovative companies can raise funds with which to grow and develop. This award is given to recognise innovation and success in how these funds have been raised, possibly taking into account structural changes in markets and the wider AIM community whilst also ensuring retail investors are treated as fairly as possible during a fundraise.

Best Newcomer Award

Sponsored by | Link Asset Services

The winner of this award would, quite simply, be a strong contender for Company of the Year were it not due to the lack of a public company track record. Arriving on AIM between 1 August 2019 and 31 July 2020, the winner will already have caught the imagination of investors.

A full list of eligible companies will be provided.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Sponsored by | Octopus Investments

AIM is a market tailor-made for entrepreneurs. The winner of this award will be an entrepreneur who has demonstrated the vision, flair, drive and business acumen to take his or her business forward, via an AIM listing, at a pace impossible without access to public funding. The winner will also have recognised that behind every successful entrepreneur is an established management team that will help him or her deal with the demands of public company life.

Company of the Year Award

Sponsored by | WHIreland

The ultimate accolade for any AIM company is the Company of the Year Award. The winner of this award will have demonstrated that it is a responsible, fully accountable, dynamic business with strong growth prospects and a commitment to AIM. The Company of the Year’s growth potential will be excellent. Above all, the winner will be a serious, well-managed business, having attracted public funding to enhance and develop its growth potential to the full.